This site is about my personal life experiences and their outcomes.  I would like to share all the trials I have experienced.  I at a young age had to grow up rather fast.  Growing up fast started at the age of ten.  I had to learn how to take care of my younger sister who was three years old at the time of our youngest sisters birth.  Our new born sister was born with 99% lung damage.  My mom spent most of her time in the hospital for the first year of my sisters life.  During this time I spent my time tending to my middle sister.  Around a year after our youngest sisters birth she came home. I learnt how to assist with her medical needs.  Later on in life I had to tend to my grandmother bedridden needs.  Shortly after my grandmothers death, I had to care for my father.  My father ended up passing away the day before he turned fifty nine years old. I and my sisters currently tend to my mom and her needs.  As you can see most of my life has been spent being a caretaker for others.